Atlantis Special Economic Zone: Empowering a Greener Future

A Beacon of Hope for Sustainable Manufacturing and Community Growth


In the heart of South Africa, the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) is breathing new life into a once-forgotten area. Offering a haven for sustainable manufacturing, the ASEZ is not only providing opportunities for green growth, but also empowering its local community.

Dr. Dean Pillay, an investor in the ASEZ, built his own acetylene plant to create jobs and add value to the economy. He envisions a brighter future for the area, with plans to own the entire value chain of gas cylinders. But the true heart of the ASEZ lies in its community-focused programs, such as the Flame Program, which helps small enterprises in Atlantis thrive by providing training in core business skills.

Melanie Andrews, a passionate childcare facility owner, found success through the Flame (Financial Literacy and Micro Enterprise) Program. With newfound knowledge in administration, accounting, and taxes, Melanie transformed her struggling business into a sustainable and profitable venture, seeing a profit for the first time in six months.

The ASEZ also addresses food security through the Atlantis Food Security program, which empowers small-scale farmers like Anastasia Smith. Anastasia won a contract to supply a local retailer with fresh produce, securing a steady income and helping to combat food insecurity in the area.

The Atlantis Special Economic Zone is a beacon of hope for the people of Atlantis. By fostering green growth and empowering its residents, the ASEZ is paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

I can see the possibilities that are yet to come.

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The Stories

Story 1: Melanie Andrews

Melanie, founder of Cuddles & Care, a childcare facility, has cared for over 200 children since 2012. Her focus is on providing proper care and teaching for each child. The Flame financial literacy program, which has changed the lives of over 60 people, helped Melanie transform her business.

Through the program, Melanie learned administration, accounting, costing, taxes, and compliance. The monthly mentoring and coaching provided by Flame proved invaluable for her. For the first time in six months, Melanie saw a profit. This financial success allowed her to buy a new stove with cash after her old one broke, a purchase made possible by the saving habits she learned through Flame.

Story 2: Matt Cullinan, CEO, Atlantis Special Economic Zone

The Atlantis Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) is a green technology economic zone in South Africa, focusing on attracting investors for sustainable manufacturing. Instead of producing wind or solar energy, the zone aims to manufacture components for wind towers, turbines, and solar panels, positioning itself as a dedicated area for such activities.

The ASEZ is the cornerstone of South Africa’s strategy to grow its green economy. By tapping into both local and global opportunities, the zone aims to establish South Africa as a key player in the worldwide green economy. This crucial role makes the Atlantis SEZ an essential part of the country’s sustainable future.

Story 3: Dr Pillay

Dr. Dean Pillay is dedicated to innovation and job creation through acetylene manufacturing. Acetylene plays a crucial role in solar panel production, and Dr. Pillay aspires to own the entire gas cylinder value chain.

The Atlantis Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) saw his potential and provided land and support for his facility. This partnership unlocks the full potential of his enterprise, benefiting both the business and the community.

Filled with hope and excitement, Dr. Pillay looks forward to the possibilities that lie ahead, showcasing the impact of sustainable industry and community development on economic growth.

Corporate Overview

The Podcast

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Empowering South African Communities Through Green Growth!


ASEZ: Fostering green growth and energy

ASEZ: Fostering green growth and energy

ASEZ green energy plant

ASEZ green energy plant

Anastasia Smith from Anastasia’s Fresh Farm Produce

Anastasia Smith from Anastasia’s Fresh Farm Produce

ASEZ investing in the children of Atlantis

ASEZ investing in the children of Atlantis

Dr Dean Pillay and D'Angelo Dietrich of Iconic Gas

Dr Dean Pillay and D'Angelo Dietrich of Iconic Gas

The FLAME - Financial Literacy and Micro Enterprise - Program

The FLAME - Financial Literacy and Micro Enterprise - Program


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