Fedgroup Beneficiary Care: Transforming Lives, One Beneficiary at a Time


When Melita Mofokeng’s parents tragically passed away in 2010, she was just 15. Thrust into a position of responsibility for her younger sister, Melita found a lifeline in Fedgroup’s Beneficiary Care. This service, as described by Jeanetta Hendricks, General Manager of the Care Division at Fedgroup, is designed to protect and manage the funds of children who lose their parents.

Gary Wilson, Principal Officer at SARPBAC, lauds Fedgroup’s Beneficiary Care as a product showing genuine care for children in distress. Reflecting this ethos, Fedgroup’s CEO, Grant Field, emphasises that their approach views beneficiaries as vulnerable children rather than mere investors. Field proudly shares that the organisation provides support in all 11 official South African languages, underscoring their commitment to personalised, empathetic service.

Response times are critical in providing care to beneficiaries. Hendricks highlights Fedgroup’s 24-hour turnaround for urgent financial requests, enabling immediate assistance in emergencies. The organisation also takes a robust approach to investment, holding only 2% of the beneficiaries’ funds in cash to maximise growth potential.

Fedgroup’s commitment to their beneficiaries extends beyond financial assistance. Kgaogelo Chauke, a Beneficiary Care administrator at Fedgroup and a former beneficiary himself, is a testament to the organisation’s impact. Chauke’s experience gives him unique empathy and understanding, helping him support other beneficiaries in their time of need.

Additionally, Fedgroup offers the Iteke Learnership Programme to matric beneficiaries. This initiative, close to Hendricks’ heart, provides participants with valuable work experience and qualifications. Refilwe Nokere, an Iteke learner, appreciates the opportunity to gain corporate experience while pursuing her law degree.

Anne Grunow, CHRO at Fedgroup, explains how the learnership rotates participants through various departments, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the business. These opportunities have resulted in around 10% of Fedgroup’s staff being former beneficiaries, including Mofokeng, who now serves as a Service Delivery Administrator at Fedgroup.

In conclusion, Fedgroup’s Beneficiary Care goes beyond financial assistance, providing a holistic support system for vulnerable children. This compassionate approach, combined with their commitment to education and employment, illustrates the true power of corporate social responsibility.

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The Stories

Short Story 1: Grant Field, CEO, Fedgroup

Fedgroup’s Beneficiary Care offering stands out in the financial sector by seeing beneficiaries not just as investors but as individuals in need. Their people-centric approach redefines the role of beneficiary funds. Instead of treating these funds as another investment product to earn fees, Fedgroup views them as lifelines for vulnerable individuals. These children often have lost a parent and are entrusted with their savings.

But Fedgroup’s support doesn’t end with financial aid. In a unique and transformative move, they also offer employment opportunities to beneficiaries. Today, Grant is proud of the fact that 10% of their staff are individuals who were once beneficiaries. These were vulnerable children who, through Fedgroup’s support, now have stable employment and a bright future. This distinctive approach shows Fedgroup’s priority of people over numbers, providing not just financial security but also opportunities to thrive.

Short Story 2: Kgaogelo Chauke, Beneficiary Care administrator at Fedgroup

Kgaogelo Chauke, a Beneficiary Care administrator at Fedgroup, has a unique perspective on his role. Having been a beneficiary himself, he possesses a deep understanding of the needs and challenges these individuals face. Kgaogelo finds profound satisfaction in ensuring that beneficiaries are cared for, that they’re able to attend school, and have their basic needs met. He’s not merely doing a job; he’s filling an invaluable role in their lives.

Kgaogelo’s personal journey with Fedgroup extends beyond being a beneficiary. After losing his father, he joined the Iteke programme, an initiative that means ‘challenge yourself’ in Sepedi. His experience with Fedgroup has been so positive that he describes the work environment as familial and can’t see himself working elsewhere. For Kgaogelo, Fedgroup isn’t just a workplace; it’s his first and last corporate home.

Short Story 3: Melita Mofokeng, Service Delivery administrator at Fedgroup

Melita Mofokeng’s life changed dramatically when she lost her parents in 2010. At the tender age of 15, Melita was thrust into the roles of mother, sister, and father for her baby sister. The financial strain was overwhelming, but Fedgroup’s Beneficiary Care swooped in to help. This support not only covered her school fees and uniform costs but also provided Melita with emotional support and a sense of stability during a challenging time.

Her journey with Fedgroup didn’t end there. She was selected for the Iteke learnership, a pivotal moment that made her feel like a true professional for the first time. Today, as a Service Delivery administrator at Fedgroup, Melita calls it her second home. She’s a testament to the transformative power of support during times of vulnerability and aims to pay it forward.

Corporate Overview

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Fedgroup's Beneficiary Care product provides ongoing support to those most in need

Fedgroup's Beneficiary Care product provides ongoing support to those most in need

Iteke Learnership Program learners in action

Iteke Learnership Program learners in action

Jeanetta Hendricks, General Manager, Beneficiary Care Division

Jeanetta Hendricks, General Manager, Beneficiary Care Division

The Fedgroup Family

The Fedgroup Family

Protecting vulnerable children is in Fedgroup's DNA

Protecting vulnerable children is in Fedgroup's DNA

Kgaogelo Chauke and Noni Mabaso, both part of the Beneficiary Care team

Kgaogelo Chauke and Noni Mabaso, both part of the Beneficiary Care team


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