In the heart of South Africa, the IDC and WeThinkCode ignite hope, transforming communities with limited resources into hubs of tech and agricultural innovation. Young minds like Mxolisi and Ithumeleng embark on journeys, breaking barriers to shape a new era.

“We’re helping people realise they are enough”.

The People

Mxolisi Sibaya, WeThinkCode Student (60 sec)

Once trapped in the cycle of poverty in Soweto, Mxolisi found a lifeline in technology. At WeThinkCode, he sees beyond the misconception that technology replaces jobs, realizing it creates opportunities. His journey represents hope, not just for him but for his community, as he prepares to be a part of the technological future.

Johannes Phila, WeThinkCode Alumni (30 Sec)

Johannes spent eight years jobless, his aspirations dimmed by reality. Yet, within this struggle, he found a spark—an idea for an app. WeThinkCode was his turning point, transforming him from an inexperienced hopeful to a tech innovator. Today, he's not just changing his life but aiming to alter Africa's tech narrative.

Ithumeleng Monyatsi, Goldfields TVET College Student (60 Sec)

Confronted with disability and the absence of personal technology, Ithumeleng's aspirations might seem distant. Yet, her determination is unwavering. Access to a computer at school opens a world of possibilities, fueling her ambition to become an IT technician, driven by the dream of securing a prosperous future for her child.

Thulani Kosani, Tailor and Entrepreneur: (30 Sec)

Thulani's journey from prison to prosperity is a testament to resilience. Taught to sew behind bars, he found purpose and a path to redemption through Mam Maphukathi's guidance. Now a tailor, he's not just rebuilding his life in his hometown but is also a beacon of hope for transformation and success.

Malwande Tikana, Farm Manager (60 Sec)

Malwande embraces agriculture's challenges with open arms. Participating in a cooperative, she finds strength in unity, allowing government support to fuel their shared vision. Surrounded by her plants, she finds peace and satisfaction, her aspirations for a thriving farm reflecting her passion and resilience.


The Story

In South Africa, the IDC's innovative partnership with WeThinkCode is rewriting futures, turning dreams into tangible success. Mxolisi Sibaya, a spirited student from Soweto, embodies this transformation. Once enveloped by poverty, he now navigates the promising realm of technology, prepared to contribute to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Similarly, Johannes Phila's journey from an 8-year unemployment streak to tech innovator exemplifies resilience, embodying Africa's potential shift from tech consumer to creator.

Equally inspiring, Ithumeleng Monyatsi, a student at Goldfields TVET College, navigates the challenges of disability with unwavering determination. Lacking personal access to technology doesn't deter her; she leverages her school's resources to forge a path as an IT technician, dreaming of a brighter future for her family.

Behind these stories of ambition and perseverance, the IDC's strategic support catalyzes community empowerment and gender equality. Projects extending from tech education to agricultural development not only furnish skills but also instill hope and self-reliance in rural and urban communities alike. As these initiatives bloom, they paint a picture of a South Africa resiliently marching towards economic growth and inclusivity, proving that when communities are given the tools to succeed, they can indeed reshape their destinies.

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