The VW BEE Trust: Driving Change in South Africa


In this fascinating story, we are introduced to the unsung heroes of South Africa’s business world—entrepreneurs and leaders who are not just chasing profits but are making a tangible difference in their communities. From Akhona Mosiane, a truck dealership owner who broke free from the cycle of poverty through education and mentorship, to Nonkqubela Maliza of Volkswagen, who is spearheading initiatives to bring more women into the automotive sector, these are stories of resilience, innovation, and transformative impact.

Akhona Mosiane’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. She went from receiving a university bursary to owning a truck dealership in Garden Route MAN. Her story is a testament to the power of education and mentorship in changing lives and breaking the cycle of poverty. Nonkqubela Maliza, the Director of Corporate and Government Affairs at Volkswagen, sheds light on the company’s BEE Trust, which aims to diversify the supply chain by focusing on women entrepreneurs in the automotive sector.

Then we meet Sally Marengo and her son Bradwyn Trower, the dynamic duo behind KPL Die Casting. What started as a small business importing bathroom accessories has now evolved into a key player in the automotive sector. Bradwyn emphasizes the company’s unique culture, which is rooted in a love for people, and discusses the role of job creation in addressing South Africa’s unemployment problem.

Mondre Gallant, a young entrepreneur in the water business, shares his journey of growth from a single employee to a team of 12, thanks to the support from Raizcorp. His story highlights the joy and satisfaction that come from making a difference in the lives of his employees.

These compelling narratives underscore the transformative power of mentorship, funding, and corporate partnerships in fostering entrepreneurship and job creation in South Africa. They remind us that the true measure of business success goes beyond the bottom line—it’s about the positive impact on people’s lives.

It’s in imperfection that we learn to get better

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The Stories

Story 1: Akhona Mosiane, Managing Director at Garden Route MAN

Akhona faced a high-stakes opportunity to acquire three dealerships. The catch? She had only three months to secure funding. Amidst the stress, she reached out to Nonkqubela for advice. Nonkqubela’s counsel was simple yet profound: visualize success and stay calm. She also introduced Akhona to the VW Trust Fund, which turned out to be the financial lifeline she needed.

This experience not only solidified Akhona’s relationship with VW but also instilled in her a deep sense of gratitude and responsibility. Now, as a dealership owner, she’s committed to providing employment opportunities to as many people as possible, understanding the transformative power of a single opportunity.

Story 2: Fikiswa Bokwe, VUKA Recycling (Bra Gug’s Bottle Exchange)

In 2019, Fikiswa began a modest recycling initiative, collecting just two bags without any serious business intentions. However, her participation in the Kariega Township Economic Development program, in collaboration with the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation, changed her perspective. The program focused on skills development, training, and providing resources and connections for sustainable business growth.

This experience ignited Fikiswa’s vision for a full-fledged recycling business with a buyback center. She realized that within the recycling operation, there was another viable business—bottle exchange. The program has been instrumental in broadening her horizons, helping her explore the untapped potential within the recycling industry. Fikiswa now sees multiple avenues for growth and impact, thanks to the comprehensive support she received.

Story 3: Bradwyn Trower, Managing Director at KPL Die Casting

Bradwyn leads KPL Die Casting, a company specializing in high-pressure aluminum and zinc die casting. The journey began with a single machine, but the need for aluminum quickly propelled the company into the automotive sector. Sally, the initial owner, spoke of the challenges in business growth until they were selected for Volkswagen’s Intinga project, which provided invaluable mentorship and learning opportunities.

Nonkqubela from Volkswagen emphasizes the importance of diversifying the supply chain, as it leads to value creation, local employment, and industrialization. For Bradwyn, the mission goes beyond business; it’s about addressing South Africa’s unemployment issue. He believes that a job offers not just income but also instills pride and provides family support, aligning perfectly with his goals for KPL Die Casting.

Story 4: Mondre Gallant, Entrepreneur, Water Well

Mondre always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, with a specific interest in running a water shop. Starting with a modest domestic setup, his business unexpectedly boomed during the pandemic lockdown. Health-conscious people began lining up at his shop daily, seeking to stock up on water.

Recognizing the growth potential, Mondre turned to Raizcorp for business support and mentorship. The partnership proved fruitful, enabling him to open two more branches, including one in a retail shopping center.

Today, Mondre’s business has grown from a one-man operation to a team of 12 employees. The most fulfilling aspect for him is not just the business expansion, but the impact he’s making on his employees’ lives. Seeing them take home a salary gives him the sense that he’s truly making a difference.

Corporate Overview

In the heart of South Africa, the VW BEE Trust is igniting a powerful movement to cultivate small businesses across the nation. Nonkqubela echoes their deep commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth. The trust focuses on incubation programs and funding opportunities, with a special emphasis on women-owned businesses within the automotive value chain. The aim is clear: to empower South African entrepreneurs and elevate their success rates, ultimately bolstering the country’s socio-economic landscape. In Nonkqubela’s words, “ We don’t have perfect outcomes all the time, but it’s in the imperfection that we can get better.”


Nonkqubela Maliza, Director of Corporate and Government Affairs at Volkswagen

Nonkqubela Maliza, Director of Corporate and Government Affairs at Volkswagen

Claire Kivedo of Overall Events joined the Raizcorp development program, sponsored by Volkswagen

Claire Kivedo of Overall Events joined the Raizcorp development program, sponsored by Volkswagen

The VW BEE Trust is driving job creation in South Africa

The VW BEE Trust is driving job creation in South Africa

Bradwyn Trower, Managing Director at KPL Die Casting and Sally Marengo, Owner

Bradwyn Trower, Managing Director at KPL Die Casting and Sally Marengo, Owner

The Volkswagen Business Support Centre

The Volkswagen Business Support Centre

The Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) plant in Kariega

The Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) plant in Kariega


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